Step by Step Guide to Writing an Argumentative Essay

Just imagine, you're sitting in an examination hall, and you are asked to write a detailed Argumentative essay on you own, without taking any assistance from an essay writing service. You'll definitely try your level best to write a top-notch essay to score good grades. You can do so only when if you've sufficient writing skills, profound knowledge about the topic, and know the art of presenting the essay. Students often find it a challenging task to write a remarkable Argumentative essay.


In this article, we are going to discuss the process of writing a tremendous persuasive essay bit by bit briefly. It is imperative to highlight what this particular genre of essay demands from the students to write.


Argumentative essay


It is a genre of essay writing that demands the students to take a firm stand in favor of or against the assigned topic. However, a scribbler needs to prove its point of view as a legitimate one by giving practical examples and mentioning the evidence. Undoubtedly, convincing someone is not an easy task. For this purpose, an essay writer has to follow the below-mentioned steps in chronological order.


Moreover, a student is not allowed to express his emotions and feelings in this essay. It consists of facts and figures only.




Students must think critically about the topic of research paper example. This process helps a student in understanding the topic. It assists a scribbler in taking a firm stance regarding the subject. However, he can write the content in favor of or against the subject. Brainstorming gives rise to several scattered thoughts regarding the topic.




Making creative rhetoric, and to the point outline structure is one of the most imperative parts of academic writing. In the argumentative essay, the outline usually consists of twelve points. However, its length can exceed the limit of twelve points as it is not a hard and fast rule to limit the outline to twelve points only. The outline provides a roadmap to its audience about the upcoming content in the essay.


Hook statement


A hook statement or an opening statement usually consists of the first one or two sentences of the essay. Its primary purpose is to capture the attention of readers towards the essay. It has different kinds. It does a job of provoking thoughts in the reader's mind. It is the point where a reader decides whether to read the article further or not.


Defining the topic


Defining the rhetorical analysis essay example is a very tricky task. A writer has to define it concisely and to the point. The definition must be vivid, and it should reveal the actual meaning of the subject.


Thesis Statement


A thesis statement is the backbone of an essay. However, the argumentative essay comprises the main argument that a writer raises in support of or against the topic. It is also a source of raising curiosity in the reader's mind to know the absolute details regarding the topic.




The importance of counter-argument is high in this essay type. A scribbler has to address the thought or idea that the targeted audience may consider important against the argument raised by the author in this essay. The author has to raise that counter-argument and then declare it less important, irrelevant, null, or void than the one raised by him.




Concluding remarks in argumentative essay must be precise, up to the mark, and implicit. No new idea or argument should be introduced in this section. Summing up the whole discussion, fruitfully and convincingly is the key to write a successful conclusion in this essay. A writer must restate the thesis statement and categorically tell the reader that its point of view is the most authentic. He must urge the reader to adopt its argument.


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